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Retiring to Bali with Bali Insight Living

We recently interviewed Carole S. on her recent move to Bali for her retirement. Carole first made contact with us in August 2022 to assist in the planning of her trial retirement in Bali. Moving from Queensland, Carole decided to pack in her job which involved both many hours and stress to move away to trial a new solo lifestyle and trial retirement in Bali; where it would be all about “ME” and how she could live a fulfilling and stress free life. After months of planning with both Robert and Gustut at Bali Insight Living, Carole made the move in March 2023 and has now been in Bali 6 months.

We asked Carole to share some of her feeling, apprehensions and expectations in order to assist other people considering to trial Bali for their retirement.

What were the main motivators that prompted you to move to Bali ?

The golden sands of Sanur
Sanur is the No 1 Retirement destination

I was certainly looking for a change. I wanted a break from my day to day working life in Australia. I had been with the same firm for 24 years. I wanted and needed to slow down, and enjoy life. My greatest motivation was my sister though. She passed away 18 months ago aged 63. It reminded me that life is too short to hold back. Therefore, I made the decision to move to Bali.

What apprehensions did you have about moving to Bali?

How was I going to do it?

I knew I could put everything in order in Australia, but I had no idea where to start in Bali.

I did not know any expats. Therefore, for me it was not going to be easy. I did not know anything about what sort of visas were available, what accommodation would suit me best. I just knew I wanted to make the move. I knew I would miss my children & friends – thank goodness for Skype. I wanted to be able to make new friends and find new interests that would keep me busy enough but not too busy…. I became quite excited at the prospect of making the move to Bali.

Welcome pack
Carole chose the Platinum Plan and enjoyed a special welcome to Bali

What and where initially did you envisage you to be living and in what style of accommodation?

My original thoughts were either living in Seminyak or Legian, as I am familiar with those areas.

In two bedroom Villa/Apartment. Having discussed by individual needs with Bali Insight Living this soon changed! I ended up living in Sanur in a three bedroom Villa which is great for visitors.

How have your thoughts changed compared to what you perceived before as a Bali Lifestyle?

It is better than I imagined. Bali Lifestyle is truly a relaxed and easy way of life.You do have to adjust to Bali time though. Some things do not happen straight away, but on saying that other things happen quicker than you expect. Therefore, it does balance itself out.

How have Bali Insight Living assisted you in your move and then settling in?

Wow, where do I start…… from the first day I met Robert and Gustut I knew I had made the right decision to have them assist me with the move.As I mentioned previously I had no idea where to start. Their knowledge and understanding on how things are done in Bali is priceless.

They were always available if I had any questions while I was still in Australia.They put me in touch with an Agent for my Visa, and they took me to set up a bank account (without a Kitas) before I officially moved so I could have a local bank account.

Bali Insight Living suggested I live in a few different places over a few months, to get a feel for

Retirement living in Sanur close to the beach
Carole's cozy 3 bedroom house in central Sanur

where I would like to settle and there was no pressure.

They organised some lovely accommodation in Sanur for my initial arrival close to the beach which had lovely staff. Gustut was at the airport to personally greet me which was a re-assuring touch when finally taking the plunge.

They were in touch with me regularly, to see if I needed anything. They went as far as organizing drinking water for me and sorting out my computer. I can honestly say nothing was too much for them. The list could goes on and on.

They took me to look at different types of accommodation. It gave me an idea on cost etc. and what was available. They also asked the agents questions that I would not have even thought of. They were fantastic at looking at the pro’s and con’s of each villa and let me decide for myself what I was most suited to.

I am grateful they suggested staying in a different areas of Bali. Sanur is a lot quieter than Seminyak and has a lovely village feel about it. Once I had a lease agreement, they looked over the documents, which definitely put my mind at ease. They knew what should and should not be on there.

Yes, I have a lease! Contrary to what I had planned I had settled in so fast and felt so comfortable

Sanur Village with the long promenade is the perfect place to exercise
Carole's new mode of transport in Sanur

within only a short space of time, I knew Sanur was where I wanted to settle. Even the family back home were surprised! I have now settled in to Bali life; it's reassuring to know that Gustut and the team are only a phone call away.

I am still annoying them! They have a wealth of knowledge on where to buy this and that.

They even arranged a driver and a personalised shopping itinerary just after I arrived based on me telling them what I needed. I am already 5 steps ahead of myself and although I arrived on the B211 social visit visa I have already converted this to a Retirement Visa with the help of Bali Insight Living and their very helpful Visa agent.

The membership area of the website provides a wealth of information including checklists, tips and recommendations, a whole directory on where to get what, recommendations on clubs and activities and essential emergency contact number right down to where to buy the best fresh chicken. The list just goes on.

As part of my welcome pack I was given an invitation to a Bali International Womens Association lunch where it was nice to meet both local women and expats already settled in Bali.I could write an essay on all that Bali Insight Living has done for me. I can honestly say that I do not know if I would have made the move without them.

What would be your words of wisdom to those considering retiring to Bali?

If it’s possible to make the move now, do it, or even if you are still in the planning stage don't leave it too late the planning can easily take over 9 months. I highly recommend you use Bali Insight Living; they are here on the ground to assist with any problem no matter how big or small. Their knowledge and assistance has been amazing and I think this contributed to my rapid decision to settle faster and commit to two year lease in Sanur.

Don't hesitate to contact Bali Insight Living and sign up for a free 20 minute online consultation which will enable Bali Insight Living to fully appreciate your situation and tailor the plan to your specific individual requirements.

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