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At Bali Insight Living we will advise you on the best visa to suit your individual circumstances. Initially we would not necessarily advise you on getting the Retirement Visa since there are other options available dependent on how long you intend to stay in Bali for your trial period and whether you intend to travel much elsewhere.

Bali Retirement Visa - Indonesian Retirement Visa




Although the government recently announced the launch of the Bali 2nd Home Visa the exact details have not yet been released and therefore we await clearer clarification on this matter within the coming weeks.  

The relatively low cost of living, warmer all-year-round climate, and generally slower pace of life have been attracting retirees to Bali and Indonesia for quite some time.

The Indonesian retirement visa allows those aged over 55 to stay in Indonesia for a longer period of time enabling them to live in Bali. With the multiple-entry permit, you may leave and re-enter the country as many times as you like.

Many people who move to Bali to Retire are often taken aback by the bureaucracy and sometimes drawn-out procedures to achieve anything official. At Bali Insight Living, we will take care of all your necessary affairs through reputable third parties, such as Visa applications, Insurance, estate agents etc to ensure that your life is stress-free.

To qualify for a Bali Retirement Visa you must:

Age: -  You must be 55 years of age or over

Note: The primary resident must be over 55 - a dependent visa (for legal spouse) can be applied for, for those under the age of 55.

Work: - You must have no plan to work in Indonesia

Life & Health Insurance:   - Insurance provider can be a company of your choice but must provide cover in Indonesia


Home:    -  You must have at least a 1-year lease agreement

Maid/Helper:   -   You must hire two domestic helpers (maid, gardener, pool attendant) 


Funds:  -    You must give evidence that you can support yourself with either a bank statement showing over US$18,000 in the account or proof of other support payments equalling this such as investment or pension

Benefits of the Bali Retirement Visa are:


Resident:     -   You may live in Bali for years* (you can renew 4 times - 5 years - without having to exit)

Entry/Exit:   -   You can arrive and leave as many times as you want with the multiple exit/entry visa

Lease:          -   You can take out a lease on a property

Drive:           -    You can obtain an Indonesian driving license. An international driving license is only permitted for short stays and no                             other license is valid in Indonesia

Bank:            -    You can open an Indonesian Bank account

Discounts:    -     Residents will often be offered preferential rates in hotels, attractions in contrast to the tourist prices (KITAS rates)


With Bali Insight Living we will assist you with the processing and renewals of your Retirement Visa in Indonesia through a reputable and trusted agent. Many people are often put off by the bureaucracies and quite often controversial advice relating to the Visa and it is, for this reason, we will ensure that your Retirement Visa is processed at the correct price.


Some of the documentation you will need for us to process your Retirement Visa are:

-       A copy of your Valid passport – the passport should have at least another 18 months validity and also must have at least 6          empty pages (Indonesia love stamps!)

-       A letter stating that you intend to employ domestic help. 

-       You need to prove your lease with a copy of your signed contract agreement which clearly shows the amount you leased the unit for and the owners details.

-       A copy of your health and life insurance policies. This is to ensure that you will not become incumbent on the state in the future and are able to care for yourself.

-       Copy of your bank account statement or proof that you are receiving a regular dividend from you investment or pension or any other documentation that proves you have enough funds to support yourself

-       Passport Photographs with red background

-       A sponsor letter which will be provided by the agent


Retirement Visas are currently only processed onshore and cannot be applied for before arrival. You can switch from a B211 Visa, but not a Tourist Visa to a Retirement Visa without Exiting.


Your Retirement KITAS is then renewable annually. The KITAS will be renewed up to 4 times (5 years) after which you can convert it to a KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) which is valid for 5-year intervals.


Note that to come and go as you please you need to also have a Multiple exit, re-entry permit (MERP) which is renewable every six months to allow you freely to exit and re-enter Bali.  


At Bali Insight LIving our aim is to make your life as “hassle-free” as possible and we will ensure we assist you, ensuring peace of mind and security when you retire in Bali.

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